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About Us

Colourful Cocktail is a dynamic and progressive production company established by Shash Lall, an international producer with over 15 years experience across the media industry. We are committed to producing unique, high quality on-screen content that promotes equality and diversity, whilst entertaining and inspiring audiences on a global scale.

What we do

Through collaboration with global production companies, independent producers and third-party distributors in Australia, The UK and The US, our aim is to nurture the integrity and longevity of projects that stimulate artistic and financial prosperity.


As its name suggests, Colourful Cocktail combines diverse teams, ideas and production strategies to deliver richer and more vibrant creations.


By actively supporting a spectrum of talents and life experiences throughout our above and below the line teams, we deliver more engaging and multi-layered stories, which appeal to a larger audience base and generate greater revenue from wider on-sale.


A key element of our process is the management of budgetary distribution in a more equitable and contemporary manner. By addressing traditional areas of wastage and unnecessary remuneration levels, we will restructure financing to generate greater opportunities for more cast and crew; increasing productivity, enriching an inclusive working environment, preserving ecological sustainability and securing long term savings. From this platform comes a natural evolution towards innovative and compelling on screen productions that establishes long-term popularity and invests into the economic viability of the industry.

Founder and CEO


Shash Lall

Shash is an international producer | writer | actor who launched Colourful Cocktail in 2020. He produced the highly acclaimed, multi-platform art installation Kwality Chai alongside 

on-screen content for Mattel, Masterchef and Bendigo Bank. Shash wrote and produced the short film, Absent Minded, in collaboration with Yut Art, now adapted into the feature film, A Sunny Disposition, (script completed 2023) currently in development with Emergence films. Shash's Melbourne based comedy-mystery show, Rez’s Fortune, is currently in development with Sydney based Confidante Pictures and the SBS television network. Having produced the film Wake Up in 2021 Shash will be writing the third instalment in collaboration with

Amazon Studios in 2024. 

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